Everybody Hates Chris Everybody Hates Big Bird

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  1. Angemon4 says:

    OMG 9:23 LOOK BEHIND CARUSO. Not only is there a black guy…ITS MR. FKIN T!

  2. vuyani9 says:


  3. 1Futurestar1 says:

    LOOOOL The Way Greg Run

  4. awsomebunny27 says:

    now hold up… i just saw about 6 black ppl standing there when bigbird waz doggin chris

  5. florider100 says:


  6. florider100 says:


  7. Yardbway1 says:

    i tried to go to vanessasbigdatewithkillmoose.tv and it didn’t work

  8. animerulezyou says:

    @TsomethingT no. lol the moral is “Don’t judge a person based on their looks or what others say about them, because it can come back and bite you in the ass.”

  9. devario3901 says:

    greg always running lololol

  10. Cr00ked2594 says:


  11. JBiebermusiclover says:

    Wow-is she an actress?

  12. NyFin3st11 says:

    damn big bird look like she in her mid 20′s or something after that makeover…eh..she still not that cute lmao

  13. Angemon4 says:

    Damn she is a fly – Greg.

  14. TsomethingT says:

    @animerulezyou date ugly girls? Is that the moral?

  15. xxkaylaxxs says:

    lmfao @ greg running away

  16. BladeLigerKiller says:

    big bird is still ugly at the end

  17. InfiniteBlaze93 says:

    DAAAAAAAYUM funniest ending ever lmao if that was me i would be mad as FUCK

  18. Qdog15000 says:

    lol at the end it said tonights episode wwas bought 2 you by the letters D A M N. lol that wus hilarious

  19. Cat13371 says:

    omg i tryed that so many times vanessasbigdatewithkillmoves.t­v

  20. animerulezyou says:

    haha this and everybody hates blackie are my fave episodes. I like how even though the show is really funny, it still has some morals in the end.

  21. dizyootum says:

    @sendtownjose i gotta agree with you

  22. ruff170 says:

    i need to iron to help the jets win

  23. octoberboiy says:

    @1161203 Good kid… im planning to do karate too

  24. 1161203 says:

    @octoberboiy that means someday i’m gonna beat up half the guys in my class.>:)
    I am learning Ti Quan Dou

  25. TotalDistinction says:

    I actually tried going to vanessasbigdatewithkillmoves.tv but it didn’t work :$

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